ISMA-309/409: Week 2

Week 2 of ISMA-309/409 focussed on setting up WordPress. Knowing how to set up and configure the application on your own computer and on a web host is an essential skill that will help you as you move forward in the course. In place of slides from the lecture here is the links to three short and relevant courses that explain the process:

It is essential that you have a working WordPress site online and on your computer through MAMP or WAMP by next class as  you will be working with these installations. Finishing the WordPress Essential Training course is also strongly recommended as you will be expected to understand how to create new posts, pages, and menus.

Week 3 Class

As I explained the Week 3 class will be taught by guest lecturer Vanessa Chu. The topic of the class will be Building Child Themes and Vanessa will take you through the theory of how WordPress themes and child themes work, what makes them tick, and what the difference is. You’ll learn how to use a code editor to create and modify code and how to use developer tools in the browser to make live changes to a site and then save those changes to your child theme stylesheet.

In the second half of the class you will be tasked with building  your own child themes from scratch in the development environment on your computers. That means you must have WordPress running under MAMP or WAMP and you need posts with content to work with.  Vanessa will be on hand to help you work on your child themes.

Homework and material to watch for next week

  • Finish watching WordPress Essential Training on
  • Make sure you have a working version of WordPress running under MAMP or WAMP on your computer
  • Install Adobe Edge Code or Brackets (code editors) on your computer
  • Publish your articles for week 1 and 2 on your live WordPress site
  • Email me your WordPress site URL so I can add it to the sidebar of this site for reference
  • Watch WordPress 3: Building Child Themes on

Good themes to use as parent themes

As I mentioned in class some themes are better than others as parent themes. Here is an incomplete list:

These are just three options. You can build a child theme off any theme you want so if you find something else in the WordPress Theme Directory feel free to use it instead.